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Meet our Team


Sergio H. Acuña, Estación 1558's CMO and Co-Founder.

Sergio H. Acuña


Sergio Acuña is a photographer and filmmaker based in Puerto Rico. His focus areas are non-narrative Time-Lapse Photography and Aerial Photography. In this capacity he has worked with different engineering and architecture firms in many projects, not only in Puerto Rico but also in Miami and Atlanta. Currently Sergio serves as President and CMO for Estación 1558. His goal as a photographer and filmmaker is to be able to create content that breaks the concept of what’s possible and strives to tell an interesting and compelling story that is impossible to just see with the bare eyes. Sergio holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro Campus. 

María Fernanda beato


María Fernanda, also known as Mayi, is a designer based in Puerto Rico, with a bachelor degree in Architecture and Art History, and a certification in fine woodworking. Her background makes her an important part of our team; she strives to cultivate studio culture, research, and teamwork as an essential part of our company’s mission. She strongly believes that designers have a social responsibility and that through mindful design we can create positive social change. She has a strong research philosophy; her Art History thesis discussed gender issues in Architecture as a way to expose unsafe architecture and incite safe space design. She has worked as graphic designer and creative concept consultant and developer.

alejandro sacarello


Alejandro Sacarello is aptly suited for his role as Estación 1558’s vice-president of business development. He enjoys cultivating relationships with people and businesses throughout the art community here in Puerto Rico. Apart from being a leading force for new client relations and keeping tabs on trends in the creative world, he oversees the company’s public relations and constantly works to make our work environment a fun and comfortable one. His affinity for building connections extends to outside the workplace and art community; at least once a week he hosts a radio show called “El Potcast” in Radio Red. Alejandro, also known as Saki, studies at the School of Plastic Arts in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, where his focus area is Painting. 

the team


manuel irizarry

marketing intern

Manuel Irizarry is a Stunt Actor and Choreographer who utilizes his passion for film and the arts as an outlet to explore unique and entertaining stories. His focus is on visualizing ideas and translating them into projects that can be appreciated by people. Currently, Manuel is finishing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Metro Campus. He has also worked as a Student Marketing Consultant in the SBDC’s Business Excellence Acceleration Program in Puerto Rico.

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ángel rivera

software engineering


Ángel R. Rivera is a computer science summer intern at Estación 1558 from the UPR Mayaguez Campus. He has experience programming with java, python, javascript, matlab, php, html, prolog. His work includes image processing, web scraping, automatization, deterministic parsers based on a Minimalistic approach, among others. In his free time, as is his profession, he enjoys thinking on ways of solving problems. He is also fond of poetry and has a passion for music and language. Above all he enjoys meeting new people.

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linarys ortega

stop motion artist

Lina is a Puerto Rican artist focused in stop motion animation. Her goal is to bring static items to life and give them personality through hundreds of pictures. Graduated from Syracuse University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Television and Film, she then moved to Los Angeles. After a lot of exploration in the art field and the world, Lina started freelancing and established herself back in Puerto Rico, where she brought international brands and worked with local ones as well. In 2018, she co-produced the project “Santurce Ritmo” along with Estación 1558. Lina’s work is playful, motivational, and full of color. Each topic is different and that’s one of the things she loves the most about the medium - the possibilities of creating anything are endless. She aims to always bring the unexpected into the frame.


Fiamma seda


Fiamma Seda Vélez is a Puerto Rican designer based in NYC with a special interest in the human experience through interior and lighting design. Her Bachelor of Architecture makes her immerse herself into thorough research in order to develop sustainable and responsible projects that favour all sides and depict a sensible and individual personality. Feeling a personal tie, and feeling comfortable with a design that evokes respect, ownership, and harmony. She has worked as an Architectural Designer for firms specialized in urban planning and landscape design as well as an independent graphic designer and art director for creatives studios.

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