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Estación 1558 is a creative company focused on content creation and established in the cultural center of Puerto Rico, Santurce. Leveraging our experiences, abilities and combination of skills we strive to add value by conceptualizing, developing and implementing creative ideas. We believe that art should be incorporated in every and any endeavour pursued by humanity.  We as a species have the unique ability to appreciate beauty, by intersecting this believe with a constant push towards practicality we arrive at pleasing results that serve the purposes that were intended while maintaining rigorous standards in terms of design and aesthetic.


Estación 1558 was designed to serve as an environment where young developing artists can come to put their skills to good use while benefiting from everyone else participating in the format of cross training. One of our core ideals is that by learning from others and constantly stepping out of our individual comfort zones we can produce better products thanks to our ever improving collective skills. In line with our unique reality we aim to foster and encourage young talent by developing and curating artistic components of emerging projects.


about us

Sergio H. Acuña

co-founder & cmo

María Fernanda beato

co-founder & cdo

alejandro sacarello

co-founder & cco




Monday- Friday



(404) 394-7867

1558 Ave. Ponce de León

Unit 2B

Santurce, Puerto Rico 00909


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